Hydropneumatic Pumping System (APS)

Hydropneumatic Pumping System (APS)

“AQUATEX” APS series Hydropneumatic System is designed to deliver water continuously at all outlets in all Floors of High Rise Apartments and Commercial Buildings with uniform pressure .The system is most ideal for High Rise Apartments and Buildings where the demand of water is variable and fitted with modern bathroom fittings like Jacuzzis, shower etc which require pressurized water for better functioning of the fittings.

Hydropneumatic system consists of 2 to 6 High pressure multistage centrifugal pumpsets, Suction and Delivery manifolds with Valves, Base frame and suitable control panel. The system is pre assembled, tested in the factory and ready for installation at site. Control panel controls the number of pumpsets to operate based on system discharge and pressure rate. Pressure tanks are connected to the delivery manifold to reduce the number of starts and stop of pumpsets. The system consists of High Quality Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Tank and other Accessories.

APS Hydropneumatic system are supplied with Variable speed and also Constant Speed Controller Panel.


  • Pressure Boosting water in High rise Apartments,High rise Commercial Buildings and Row Houses in Housing Projects.
  • Pressurized Water Supply in Hotels, Hospitals and Hostels.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation of Golf Courses, Sports Fields and Large Farms.