Domestic Boosters – AQUATEX

Domestic Pressure Boosting System – ADBS Series

“AQUATEX” Domestic Pressure Booster System delivers water with uniform and constant pressure in all Outlets – showers, taps, etc both on ground floor as well as top floor of the buildings. The Pressure switch monitors the pressure in the system and it will switch the pumpset ON and OFF automatically based on demand. The system is supplied with Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel Pumps (AHS Series) or Shallow Well Jet Pumps (TSJ Series). The system consists of high quality pressure tank, pressure switch and other accessories.


  • Domestic Pressure Boosting applications
  • Pressure Boosting Applications Multistory Buildings, Residential Apartments, Hotels etc
  • Lawn sprinklers, Fountains and Small Farm irrigation.